We recognize that everyone's situation is unique and as a result create a custom service solution to fit each client's needs. A sample of the services we offer include:

Services offered
  • Complimentary 1 hour needs assessment consultation
  • Full itemized listing of home contents, with video and photo documentation
  • Support with item management including; appraisals, sale, charity donation, shipping, storage and moving
  • Partnerships with Contractors, Realtors etc  to create ready for sale properties
  • Set up of new space

While we are looking to expand our services and areas of operation, at this time we are focused on transitions within the Halifax Regional Municipality. Please contact us if you are outside HRM and are interested in whether we could provide you with services.

How our partnerships work
All our partners are independent, local businesses that share our commitment to our clients. While Seniors Transitioning Services will liaise and manage communications with partners on our client's behalf, each partner will have a separate business contract with the client and as such are paid separately. This approach allows our clients to have complete control over the partners they choose to work with and can change individual partner relationships without affecting the rest of the transition process.

The pricing of each custom transition solution will be unique and is dependent on the level of services and types of services that are required or requested. However we are proud to structure our pricing into installments based on successful completion of milestones that are mutually agreed upon with our clients in advance. After an initial deposit our clients only pay when the work is completed, and are free to stop services at the completion of any agreed upon milestone.

For more information on our services or pricing, please contact us today.

STS Seniors Transitioning Services Inc.
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